Goin' Global

For sometimes I have been writing my thoughts and ideas in my personal site with Bahasa Indonesia. 

Since writing is a skill, have to be learned and practiced, I develop a slow growing site with under three posts a month. That's very slow. Not as productive as I expected before. 

A friend of mine, a blogger,  manage to write a minimum three posts a week. He writes everything. By everything, I mean EVERYTHING and about almost anything.

A blog is created for that particular reason, he argue me once. Well, I could not agree more.

And so I write.

A thought occur to me, at one sunny afternoon: why would I limit myself in a thin separation line called country border that automatically subside every time I went online?

Every time I hit that Connect to Internet button to get online, I put myself beyond that border. I become a different entity, "citizen of a border-less country". The only thing that describes the unity among it "citizens" is the language they speak.

Getting online gives me the sense of going global. In order to be a part of this "globalization", I need to prepare myself with the tool known to most users. English is one of global languages recognized by most people online.

It is the one and only foreign language I am able to speak with.

So now I write in English. And it is challenging even more.

As an Indonesian, I am accustomed to use Bahasa Indonesia as my second, or not, third language.

My local tongue, Bahasa Kupang, takes the first. Occasionally, another local tongue, Bahasa Wejewa (spoken by people in some part of western Sumba Island, Indonesia) took over.

This Bahasa Wejewa circles around my family since we are Sumbanese currently living in Kupang, Timor Island. English comes last. 

That's why I always found myself having more difficulties to write in proper Bahasa Indonesia, let alone English.

But, what's the point of having two different blogs, one may ask. Both are "personal", right?

The first reason is quite technical. 

My another blog, posted mainly in Bahasa Indonesia, is a self-hosted blog using servers located primarily in Indonesia that utilized more to serve visitors locally.

Local server, as you may already know, are best to provide better connection to the targeted visitor. That and lower price tag compares to abroad hosting service providers. Local servers are cheaper. Enough said.

The second one is, this. I am more than happy to write English posts in this site, but since most of it visitors came from Indonesia, I see it pointless.

Adhy Langgar.
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P.S. My TOEFL score sucks.

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