...and Out Come the Wolves

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It was 1997. After finished my high school in Kupang, I managed to put myself in Semarang, Central Java, as a student of the Diponegoro University. Not so long after that, I made my first encounter with Rancid, a punk rock band from California, the States.

The first time I heard their music was from one of their greatest album ...and Out Come the Wolves. There I was, sitting next to a cassette player in my friends' boarding house at Kusumawardhani area of Pleburan, sweating and complaining the typical dry air of Semarang while the music playing loud in high noon. Indeed it was such a memorable moment.

Soon after that I chewed my nails off, taught myself to play electric guitar and to handle the amps and the sound effects, formed a band with my mates Agung, Budi, and Agus, and we started jumping on and off small gigs around campus playing Rancid's tracks. Those were the great days of our lives, right, boys?

The aforementioned album of Rancid really stays deep in my mind. The whole album was awesome, Time Bomb, Daly City Train, Ruby Soho, each tracks in it are wonderful. Though it's been years since the first time I heard the album, the feelings and the energy remains the same.

So I was doing my things online a couple of days ago and I happened to be visiting their web page at rancidrancid.com. It's almost feels like visiting an old friend.

When I was there, I found this link embedded below that I thought that maybe you guys would like to check it out. "This is the first in a series of live bootlegs we are giving away for FREE. Recorded October 1, 1995 in London at The Garage," says the title. Simply enter your e-mail address and grab it. I already did this awhile back, but somehow I lost the downloaded file. I went ahead and get myself another download. Hey, the link is still alive.

Well, have you entered your e-mail address?

Maybe you just wanted to view it here. That's okay. Here's the video from YouTube. But, you wouldn't know what you've missed. 


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